Monday, September 02, 2013

Surfacing & exploring Portugal

Is it touristy ? Yup.  But fun ? Sure.  It's hard to reconcile to European orientated meal plans for €2 breakfast and €1 beers. But Old Town is much more 'family' hence less yobbos = all good.
Look, it's lovely! Just very cookie cutter, the 'Bali' of Europe.
But bargains ?? 
I should have flown over in my knickers & an empty suitcase.
Zara (Witchery) @ Kmart prices. 
Why did I bring so much stuff !!!!

Having lovely time, will do a daily breakdown when I am not updating on my phone, with my thumb, at the pub, with free wifi ! Cannot buy wifi here?! 

Mwah to you xx

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hello Portugal

Not what I thought, depends where you point the camera......
Poor poor country, but parts are so pretty & quaint.  Proper low-down when I surface from 30+ hours on flights.....

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The adventure begins......

Gin and a fabulous hat......a great start to any adventure! 

Crazy 24 hours leading up to flight, madly getting house ready for puppy-sitters and worrying (in vain) that I had packed too's all gin and skittles now !

See you on the other side xx

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Count down begins - only days until Portugal!

Only days to go now - we fly out this week to Portugal for the wedding of Lisa & Ken, then a tour for me & the fella around Spain, then to Ireland for a week with Jason's lovely family.

Have said bye bye to the boys, family & trying to not think about leaving Lucy the Lab!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Something Old, New, Borrowed, Beautiful

Something Old - The beautiful original stained glass in the front door of my 100 year old house:


Something New - Some cute 'Nanna' drinking glasses from the $2 shop:
Something Borrowed - My sister-in-law's sewing machine, I can't find mine?:
Something Beautiful -  Just because:
Photo credits - me.


Saturday, February 09, 2013

Outfit Quickie - BBQ with Friends

When a BBQ is going to start late afternoon in the heat, but then cool down quickly, you need something fab and versatile!  Enter my best friend  - denim shirt !

Rock up looking uber-chic with your white sleeveless linen t, then as it cool, throw on your denim shirt, unbuttoned.  Sleeveless with a scarf = rocking it.  The only trick for the conservative (like me!) is to leave the denim shorts at home - I can't do double denim, I just can't - I was an 80's child and am denim scarred for life!

Brown Shorts | Old - no label | Similar
Denim Shirt | Urban Outfitters | Similar
White sleeveless T | Zara | Buy one anywhere!
Brown Sandals | Novo Australia | Similar

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Compare the Pair - Braided Shopper

Ever coveted the beautiful, gorgeous, Divine Zara Braided Shopper?


But at over $140 AND the fact that Zara does not ship to Australia (sob!) I have had to be content with just looking at it online, and every time someone goes to Melbourne or Sydney (my fella usually!) beg them to get me something from lovely Zara.

That is, until I found these !


And they are less than  $50 !  You can have both !

Now I did not discover this myself, it was on Penny Pincher Fashion - so thank you !

And yes, I have already bought mine - and she is gorgeous:

Now Zara, if you are reading this, can you PLEASE open a store in Perth ?  I promise I will shop there at least once a week, and I have friends!  Thank you - Lori x

The Best I ever Bought - Crop Pants Part 2

OK, so I promised some stylin' from yesterday's post of the perfect Black Crop Pants, and here it is!

Style 1 - Work

Black Crop Pants | ASOS | Buy Here
Cream Jacket | Zara Melbourne | last year similar here
Cream and Black Flats | Ruby | last year but similar here
Cream Necklace | Equip Australia | last year but similar here

Style 2 - Work for Fun

Black Crop Pants | ASOS | Buy Here
Floral Jacket | Tempt Australia | Similar for USA, try Iconic for Australia
Long cream oversized T | Try Target or Forever 21
Cream open toe wedges | Kmart | Not available online but similar here

Style 3 - Casual

Black Crop Pants | ASOS | Buy Here
Denim Shirt | Urban Outfitters | Similar
Grey Shirt | Urban Outfitters | Buy Here
Black Sandals | Novo Australia | Similar

Enjoy !  I'm off to have a gin - that was hard work !