Saturday, February 09, 2013

Outfit Quickie - BBQ with Friends

When a BBQ is going to start late afternoon in the heat, but then cool down quickly, you need something fab and versatile!  Enter my best friend  - denim shirt !

Rock up looking uber-chic with your white sleeveless linen t, then as it cool, throw on your denim shirt, unbuttoned.  Sleeveless with a scarf = rocking it.  The only trick for the conservative (like me!) is to leave the denim shorts at home - I can't do double denim, I just can't - I was an 80's child and am denim scarred for life!

Brown Shorts | Old - no label | Similar
Denim Shirt | Urban Outfitters | Similar
White sleeveless T | Zara | Buy one anywhere!
Brown Sandals | Novo Australia | Similar


GlamorousGirl said...

great post!

CoolGreenDays said...

Thanks Glamerous Girl! Appreciate that :)


LEA REIFF - life in Paris said...

Love love love the scarf. So fab!