Monday, February 04, 2013

Find to Fabulous - "McQueen" scarf

Now this has to go down in the major finds of all time, but let me preface it by saying this:

I am not a huge fan of knock-offs that pretend to be the other product - you know, like bags in Phuket that say Marc Jacobs but have never seen the inside of a MJ factory ever.  I am however a BIG fan of what I like to call 'mimics' - items that pay homage to a higher end style, usually in clothes, and don't try & present they are Prada when they are Target.

Now this one is a very close call - so close, you can call me two-face Larry.

I have coveted an Alexander McQueen chiffon forever, I love the look of the over sized linen t with a loose scarf un-knotted and I wear that look often.  However I just couldn't justify the price, although at cost per wear, I probably should have!

So one day when strolling through my local - nope, I not going to tell you yet - I saw this beauty, and I scooped her up so fast that you would have thought I had found a winning lottery ticket !  Now, i would have preferred the classic black/ivory version, but hey, beggars cannot be choosers.

And I have worn it and worn it and worn it - and it cost $8 !!!

Above:  Original Alexander McQueen Pink and Black Chiffon scarf $201.27

Above:  My 'mimic' version and the fabulous wearing of same! (with my gorgeous fella x)
Now where did I find it ?!
Yes, you read that right, Kmart!
Now look - It ried to find it online for you, but Kmart only sell DVDs etc online, but if you live in Australia, hotfoot it to Kmart and see what you can rustle up! 

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