Monday, February 04, 2013

The Best I ever Bought......Crop Pants Part 1

With the millions and trillions of choices for basics on the net, occasionally you find something on your ongoing wish list that are just perfect - and you want to share!  Because surely everyone is looking for the perfect fit/colour/style (or all 3!) just like you?  Perfect white shirt, perfect flat black boots, perfect navy blazer - etc etc.

Well, I have found the perfect, low-cost, black crop pants. Depending on your currency, they are around $32-34 - but ASOS always have coupons, so you should get them for less than $30!

These lovelies are a polyester mix, so care and washing is a breeze (ummm have I ever ironed them?...........whoops!) and have a neat little seam running down the front of the pant, so that nice crisp finish is part of the pant itself.  They have a front zipper, but give a lovely flat front, so even with a tiny pooch-pooch you will find these really flattering - well I did anyhow.  They also have two little 'pretend' zips in lieu of pockets - now these 'de-corporate' the pants, which I like, but they would still suit the office if they aren't super-prof in work attire.

The crop is above the ankle, so they are a true crop, not a 7/8, which I like.  They look great with wedges, and with cute ballet flats.

Tomorrow, I will show you how I have styled these 3 ways!  Yes, I know you just can't wait for that :)

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