Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Beauty Myth? - Eye Cream

OK, I was very lucky as a young lass, my mother was a housekeeper for a lady who headed up a very large, very well know high-end cosmetic brand - and this was back in the day when you could probably count prestige brands on one or two hands....

So I grew up using cream, potions & lotions that were way out of any (normal) teenagers pocket money budget (remember ladies, this is pre-strawberrynet/pre-orderanythingfromtheinternet) and the one piece of advice I remember getting at a very young age was 'start using eye cream as young as possible, and use it every day'.

So I have.

Now, I don't necessarily use a high-end cream all the time anymore - I tend to mix them up, kind of like shampoo, and I have to say I am very wrinkly-free around the eye area for my age. :|

I have been trying to find a closeup photo of my eyes, but that is proving quite difficult!

Here's just one of my recent engagement party instead!

OK, so I am in my 40's and I have been using eye cream since my very early teens - but I have never used the 'gentle pat' method.  I have always used the 'smear and spread' method - yes, that is the technical term ;)
So anyhow, the 'myth' is that the skin around your eyes should be touched with a feather touch only - I think my under eye area particularly responds well to a firm massage-like application.
What do you think?
Disclaimer - I am not a beautician (der fred) nor do I have any authority to give skin care advice.

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