Thursday, January 24, 2013

Do Bloggers tell the truth?

I saw a blogger with camel toe today.  Real, genuine camel toe.  At various angles.  A real famous blogger.

And the comments?  They were gushing in their praise, stupendous in their awe - which makes me wonder:

"Besides 'Anon', does anyone tell the truth in comments?"

Is blogging just for other bloggers, so we are scared to tell the truth?  Manners may prevent me from publicing shaming (!) the camel-toed blogger, but if I had thought it was a genuine oversight, perhaps a discreet email to point out the, well, lumpy truth ?

I am a truth-teller from way back so maybe this is all just normal?

What do you think ?

Here's a picture of my Jacaranda Tree to look at while you ponder

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