Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Greetings and Salutations.....

I usually start the day with a Facebook check, news check, Twitter check, email check, more news check, and then when I have my coffee (OK, during coffee 2 -3) I read MY BLOGS via Bloglovin'.  The capitalisation and bold of my blogs denotes the seriousness and importance of this event.

I love blogs.

I love reading about you.  I love the peek into your world.  I love the clothes, the DIY, the fashion, the funnies.

Some of you I really like.  Alot.  Not stalker-alot, but alot.  Some of you confuse me, some of you wear things that make me go hmmmm but most of all I just love the never ending variety and share factor of it all. 

Anyhow:  I really really like this thing in the interweb thingy that lets me connect and enjoy myself without any input from anyone else.  So here I am, finally using the blog that I signed up for in 2005 - yup, you heard correctly folks, 2005.

So lets see what happens next...........

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