Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Style Crush - Julie Sariñana aka Sincerely Jules

OK, so I am starting this 'series' with my absolute top Style Crush - because you don't start with number eleven now, do we?

Jules @ Sincerely Jules epitomises every single thing about style that I humbly adore - it just looks flawless, easy (for her) and so authentic.  She isn't channelling anyone else, she is embodying what suits her but more than that, she is taking crisp, clean bites from a higher inspired place.

Yes - she is tiny and everything looks good on her BUT she isn't super tall (I don't think?) and she doesn't have the classic 'coat-hanger' body of the high-enders.  Her hair is messy (in oh such a good way) and (dare I say it ?) - she doesn't look 'sparkley clean' - and I mean this in a gritty sense - and hence the authentic, realness that comes through.

Jules looking gritty @ Sincely Jules

I sometimes wish she wrote more text, talked more about where her inspirations came from, how she mixes expensive with ASOS, but when I am looking for a spoon and spaghetti comforting style-eating, it is Jule's blog I go to.

In an Asos top @ Sincerely Jules
I also think Jules single-handedly started the Isabel Marant craze!
Jules looking amazing in the simplest things @ Sincerely Jules

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