Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hangover from h*ll

Oh dear - full of good intentions to post my shorts refashion but my day was derailed by a very unexpected and UNFAIR hangover. Damn you delicious orange-colored Irish cider!

Did you know that the paler the drink the less likely you will get a hangover? I am not a big drinker but as I have gotten older, my ability to imbibe without regret & pain has decreased on the exponential!

This is apparently due to 2 things - additives and dehydration. So what do I normally indulge with?

Gin and low cal tonic. Yum. The tonic rehydrates me as I drink, and good midshelf gin has few additives. Equals zero hangover for me!

Of course - be sensible too: have snacks, drink water, and try to stick to 3 or 4 drinks tops. Yes, I'm a saint :)

So anyhow, all I can give you is this former sage advice and this picture of my tootsies in jammies.

See you soon!

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